Maine Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey

Ever wonder where those statistics come from?
Here is "Where it is written."
The blatant abuse and use of our children, all for "The sake of the children" and the money schools are given for implementing the survey.

Would you allow your child to take this survey after reading it?


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These official web sites make the survey look like a simple small set of questions. In reality, seventh and eighth grade students in regular, and special needs classes, should NOT be asked these questions.
The survey is not anonymous. In rural areas, there is only ONE student who could have filled out the survey, in a certain zip code, in that grade, that age, with those people living in the home. The possibility of abuse from this survey is staggering!

Maine Office of Substance Abuse

The Maine Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (SDFSCA) Web Reporting System

Information: Statistics are developed from this survey, and reports from the school all year regarding everything that happens on the property.
The Maine Data Collection Handbook

Money: Why your school district is willing to invade your privacy and turn your children into mini Nazi informants against their friends, family and community.
What can SDFSCA funds be used for?


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I absolutely DETEST the idea that any child is being subjected to this nonsense, regardless of the "alleged reasons". Only the parents of these kids can storm the school and say, "No way in hell will I allow you to even SHOW this to my child(ren), much less expect them to answer any of these 'questions'! This has nothing to do with spelling or English or history or math or science, which are the only things that my child(ren) should be expected to answer or take tests on at school. Mind your own business, you Nazi terrorists!"

That is a depressing survey. The person(s) who put it together have some serious mental problems.

Remind me again why we are planning on homeschooling our kids.

I have read in the past few months about several localities in other states where the parents have sued the school boards over such surveys in states with legislation requiring parental notification. They say they weren't adequately notified. In some states there has been a row over some of these surveys because many parents deemed they were asking their kids about things that no kids should be asked about.

Home schooling is getting more popular every day, and now I see why. However, my daughter has graduated before they started this chit. Thank God!!! But I am just really concerned about the parents that have kids in school. Especially 7th-8th grade. And what 7th grader has the presence of mind to just say NO. Most of them will just sit quietly with their peers and just take it. :(
No More.

But from what we understand, this survey will NOT leave the school! If it doesn't leave the school then my daughter wouldn't fill  it out. I really suggest they put an end to this. I'm going to make aware everyone I know about this horrible invading of privacy survey. We do have the Right to Privacy Act.

I don't like any of those surveys that they give the kids in school. In fact, I don't call them surveys....what they are is an evasion of privacy. All my kids were told by me to put a big X on the page and if the teacher asks why they did that......tell them to call me. The school has no right to invade a families privacy...... it is none of their business....period. They are to concern themselves with "Teaching" reading, writing, etc. etc. Personal inventory is crossing the line. Do you know they keep these papers and put them in your child's folder.....they profile the child and it follows them throughout their school life.

Question like, When I grow up I'll... drink beer and wine (with the obvious implication that a Yes means you're set on the troubled path to Hell) is truly a hoot, and even doubly so with the medical journals touting the benefits of 2 drinks a day. This country scares me. If I had a school aged kid I think it would be hard to find a school whose messages didn't require a daily de=programming.